What kind of framing do you use?

We use our custom designed, silver, anodized aluminum framing. 

What kind of backing material do you use?

Our core backing material is MDF and foam core for larger boards.

What type of metal is used for the actual whiteboard surface?

We use custom coated .023” galvanized steel.  Our steel is made with our signature ultra-white, sublimatable, high gloss surface.

I want to save money because I don’t need the board to be magnetic receptive

The cost of the board is the same whether it is magnetic receptive or not.  The coated hardboard is more costly than the steel sheet.  It’s also far less durable and can cause issues in the coating during the transfer process.

What is dye sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a process of molecularly binding the image into the coating via high heat and high pressure.

How do I hang these boards on the wall?

We include hanging brackets with every board.  Click the below link for hanging instructions.

Erasable_Install_Hanging Instructions Sheet

What do I use to clean the board?

Use a dry erase cleaner (which we will be stocking very soon) or isopropyl alcohol. Click the below link for care instuctions.

Erasable_Care Sheet

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